Monday, September 5, 2016


IMG_1495 Lilac festival IMG_3211 Getting a sidur IMG_1489 IMG_3311 IMG_3233 IMG_3248 IMG_3251 Niagara on the Lake/Niagara Falls IMG_3258 IMG_3259 IMG_3265 IMG_3351 IMG_3381 Canal Days IMG_3286 IMG_3300 Pre-K graduation IMG_3326 IMG_3331 In the Jungle the Pre-K Jungle, we learned out ABCs In the Jungle the Pre-K Jungle, we counted way past 3 In the Jungle the Pre-K jungle, monkeys swing on vines In the Jungle the Pre-K Jungle, we use manners all the time In the Jungle the Pre-K Jungle, the teachers really try In the Jungle the Pre-K Jungle, it is sad to say goodbye So long my friends, this is the end our days were so much fun summers here, lets give a cheer but our learnings never done Leila's bids farewell to 3rd grade: IMG_3388 IMG_3390


Visiting cousins in DC IMG_1442 IMG_3068 IMG_1445 IMG_3078 IMG_3084 IMG_3098 IMG_3115 IMG_3118 IMG_3132 IMG_3142 IMG_3161 IMG_3164

Sunday, September 4, 2016


IMG_2971 3rd grade chorus concert IMG_2957 Volunteering at foodlink- they dump out soda to recycle to bottles IMG_2963 Sunday school IMG_1409 Odyssey of the Mind competition IMG_2985 IMG_2989 My artwork is in the art show/ girl scout cookie booth IMG_1435 Vacation NY/NJ IMG_3011 IMG_3017 IMG_3021 IMG_3023 IMG_3046 IMG_3055

Saturday, September 3, 2016


Disney! IMG_2853 IMG_2862 IMG_2865 IMG_2880 IMG_1371 IMG_1373 IMG_2913 Happy 5th Birthday Charlie! IMG_2916 IMG_2929 IMG_1390 IMG_2933 The Maccabeats in concert IMG_1402